How to be an extrovert?

What is introvert?

An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. They are bounded by some one or two or three people around them. They don’t seek for special attention. Also they don’t like to attend any type of social engagements.

Difference between extrovert and introvert.

They think before they speak out.They just speak it out as they are talkative.
They prefer working in quiet environment.They just get the work done whatever the environment is.
Have a small bunch of people.Have large social network.

What’s like being an introvert?

Lets know first thing first being an introvert does not mean that you are not a good person or introvert can’t be a successful individual. Lets take an example of great physicist Albert Einstein, Many of his quotes says that he was an introvert. He used to think in quiet environment. And also there are many more person in the list of successful introverts: Michael Jorden, Bill Gates, President Obama, Emma Watson and more. This proves that being introvert is not a bad thing.

In order to be an extrovert…

If a person wants to be an extrovert, if anyone think that being an introvert is not easy for him/her. If you look at the definition of introvert, they are very thoughtful individual like they are talking with themselves but they don’t speak it out and that’s make introverts different from the extrovert. Extrovert don’t think more they just speak what they think. If same thing would applied by an introvert despite of thinking deeper they can just expressed themselves.

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